September 23, 2023

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Portugal should speed up visa issuance to attract more workers

Portugal should speed up visa issuance to attract more workers

A woman arrives at Faro Airport in Portugal

Photo: Pedro Nunes/Reuters

Portugal Accelerate the issuance of immigrant visas for foreign workersand members from Portuguese-speaking countries, university students and nomads to help combat labor shortages and revive the country’s economy.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Méndez, announced, on Wednesday, the creation of a new type of visa for job seekers, which allows foreigners looking for work to enter the Portuguese national territory within 180 days.

“This certificate provides for the rapid removal of bureaucratic barriers that prevented visas from being granted. New visas will be created, especially those for job seekers, and job seekers’ quotas will be abolished, thus it will be easier to find job opportunities in Portugal,” said the minister.

“No tax incentive is expected.”

The minister added that so-called digital nomads would gain the right of residence or temporary residence, and British citizens would, through biometric data, have access to everything “for every citizen here” despite Brexit.

Portugal faced a labor shortage, especially in the hospitality and tourism sector, one of the main drivers of the economy, but the minister refused to specify the number of visa applications expected.

The bill should be approved easily because the ruling Socialist Party has a majority in Parliament.

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