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Powerful detox tea to slim and cleanse the body, discover the best 3

Powerful detox tea to slim and cleanse the body, discover the best 3

One Powerful detox tea to slim and cleanse the body Miracles work on our health, this is a strategy that has worked for a long time. Today (13) the gate Homemade tricks I brought 3 recipes that will surprise you.

You know why Detox tea Very effective in slimming? First, because it increases urine production, going to the toilet flushes out toxins in the body.

Thus, the Detox tea cleanses the bodyEspecially when we overeat fatty foods or alcoholic beverages. Purging it works directly on the liver, and that eventually gets reversed somehow Positive in our health and weight loss.

However, do not forget that physical activity and a balanced diet should not be overlooked. Then check out 3 powerful detox teas to slim down and cleanse your system.

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Check out the recipe for 3 types of strong detox tea to lose weight

  1. parsley tea

First on our list is parsley teaBecause it removes toxins from the body, making it a natural cleanser. To prepare it, just boil 1 bunch of fresh parsley with 1 liter of water, wait until it cools down and drink it throughout the day.

2. Fennel tea

In addition to being delicious, Fennel tea removes toxins and aids in weight loss naturally.. To prepare it, put two tablespoons of fennel in half a cup of hot water, wait until it becomes warm, then strain it and drink it.

a Fennel is a powerful detoxing tea for slimming and cleansing the body.So you can drink it before the main meals.

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3. Powerful herbal detox tea

This combination of herbs makes this tea a powerful natural slimming agent that cleanses the liver and intestines, which is the reason for its effectiveness. However, try to take The tea recipes that we share with you are without sugar or sweetener.

To make a detox tea, boil 1 cup of water, then add 1 teaspoon of horsetail, 1 teaspoon of hibiscus, and half a lemon. wait until it cools down, Strain and take before the main meals, or when you feel the need to cleanse the body.

See, then, a video explaining how much this is Powerful detox tea slims and cleanses the body, Besides being easy to prepare.

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