June 23, 2024

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Pregnant Barbara Evans suffers a poisonous street-phobic attack and sets out to act

Barbara Evans breathed on Instagram (Image: Playback / Instagram)

pregnant, Barbara Evans He is still a victim of intrusive comments about his body. The famous woman, who gained weight due to the pregnancy process and also because of the pregnancy itself, spoke on Instagram about a situation that she experienced in her condominium.

About five boys passed on bikes, I don’t know how old they were, and commented “Wow, Mom, how fat! But she’s fat! And I listen to everything. I’m here, I’m pregnant, I walk. Do you have a problem? Am I eating in your house?” Give you work? We run after”Famous said.

“Yes, we are not skinny. What would you look like? But what has weight has happinessEvans, who is waiting for Ayla, shoots his first daughter with Gustavo Theodoro.

Honestly, Barbara Evans said:It hurts, doesn’t it?! we are human beings. We have no control over what people will think or feel.”

“I just think we should have more love for people. I think compassion just doesn’t exist in the world anymore. Of course we feel sad, there’s no way we can’t internalize it”, pointed out.

Barbara Evans refutes followers’ comment

Prior to the event, Monique Evans’ daughter had already made a statement about the comment a netizen made about swelling in her ankle.. “It doesn’t look bad, it’s bloated because I’m pregnant. Measure your words”Shoot the blonde.

Former Mrs. Fazenda felt sorry for her expectation of a daughter and saddened by the attacks: “It’s so crazy. Even though it’s the most beautiful moment in my life, I’ve had attacks related to my weight, swelling and everything… but sometimes it just goes too far, right?!”

“People, they have more sympathy, more love. I hold my biggest dream, rest assured that my beauty is not my priority at the moment! Let me enjoy my pregnancy, stop attacking me! Not only me, but many pregnant women! That is so sad!”, I finish.

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