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Product Suppliers to Hospitals and Operators Record Nearly R$1.5 Billion Delay - 04/24/2022 - Panel SA

Product Suppliers to Hospitals and Operators Record Nearly R$1.5 Billion Delay – 04/24/2022 – Panel SA

Abraidi (the Brazilian Association of Importers and Distributors of Health Products) publishes this week its new annual survey about Emergency resources by hospitals and health plans for sector suppliers.

This is an issue that the entity has complained about for years and says it is getting worse in the face of mergers and acquisitions of complementary healthcare companies, weakening small and medium-sized providers.

Al-Abraidi says the value exceeded 1.4 billion Brazilian riyals.

The biggest problem, according to the association, is the withholding of bills, when the source of payment, which could be the health plan or the hospital, after a previously authorized surgery, does not allow billing of consumable products, that is, a premium deferment.

The recorded military value exceeded R$ 720 million, according to the study, with R$347 million for private hospitals, R$339 million for health plans and about R$37 million for public hospitals.

According to Al-Abraidi, the amount held by hospitals has grown by 205% since the first survey five years ago, and the average time between having surgery and being billed is 121 days.

The survey also notes an increase in unexplained terms, when The operator or hospital refuses to pay for some productsOr materials or equipment used in surgery that were previously licensed by them, a practice that affects nearly 80% of assistants and exceeds R$116 million, according to Abraidi, which also reports a payment arrears of R$610 million.

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