June 24, 2024

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Rafael Domingao Pergunta Milhao

Professor Luciano surprises Hack and asks another million dollar question behind the scenes: “Who wants to be a millionaire?” ; He watches!

It was so close! last weekend, Rafael Cunha Make history “Sunday”, to become the first participant in “Who wants to be a millionaire?” To reach a million questions. The show’s production revealed this Tuesday (28) that the professor must answer another R$1 million question, but when he was already out of the game.

At the end of the recording, Luciano Hack He joked about the challenger and challenged him to take a chance on another million dollar question. The presenter asked: “Maria Quetria de Jesus Medeiros was knighted by the Imperial Order of the Sea Voyage for her performance in any of these wars? a) Imbabwa War. b) War of Independence. c) War of Amulets. d) Straw War”.

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Without the stress of the game, Raphael thought and guessed. “Canodos is the Republic of Brazil. I’ll use the letter B, but it’s easier to say now that I’m calmer. War of Independence”The teacher answered. “One million riyals worth, the answer is…”That’s the right alternative,” Luciano said, explaining. “Ah! Got it right?”Celebrate the participant. “Right, the first time!”Huck was surprised and thanked the opponent for his presence. Watch the video below:

did not last “Who wants to be a millionaire?” In the year, Rafael Cunha received a whopping amount of 500 thousand Brazilian reais. During the four years of the tire’s existence, he was the only participant to reach the final stage of the competition. In the episode, a million questions were asked about the origin of the name Bluetooth technology. The teacher preferred not to risk any chances and to guarantee the jackpot that he had already won. Otherwise, he may make a mistake and take only 50 thousand Brazilian riyals. The correct answer was the letter B: King – referring to King Harald of the Blue Tooth, who ruled Denmark in 958 and 986.

In an interview with G1 on Monday (27), Tell Rafael what he’s going to do with the money. “I receive a lot of letters, from friends and alumni I haven’t seen in over ten years. I’m a fan of the field, with the ramifications. I’m living 15+ minutes of fame. But as I said on the show, my goal is to provide more comfort and peace for my grandparents and my parents.” I didn’t lose my focus, He said.

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All that money made him think about paying off his apartment in Ipanema, in the southern district of Rio de Janeiro, but the idea has already been set aside – as well as any “odds” you might have had. “I will lose profitability. I will dedicate myself to providing more comfort to my paternal grandmother, who is 100 years old, and my grandfather to my mother, who is 90, who lives in the Serrana area, who need special care from my parents and family. I can consider changing cars, but No. I’m going to schedule a vacation trip with my wife to celebrate the award. I won’t spend it there. I know what I don’t want to do”, he added.

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Rafael Cunha revealed that he will use “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” For the convenience of your family. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

In the long term, Raphael also plans to spend time abroad to study innovation in education. He graduated in law, pursued his course in class, and is presently teaching writing to enemy candidates. “I can say I have more than 30 years in the classroom, having spent 23 years as a teacher”Cunha, a CEO and professor at an education and technology startup, mentioned. “I was very pleased to participate in a program that relies on knowledge as its foundation. As I said in the program, studying changed my life. Studying changes people’s lives,” I finish.