July 18, 2024

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PS Plus September |  When is the announcement of free games?

PS Plus September | When is the announcement of free games?

We’re approaching the end of the month, so players from Playstation 4 NS PS5 They are already waiting for new free games from PS More In September 2021.

This month rumors of possible free games on PlayStation Plus In September it is very mysterious, so, for sure, we will only know it as a matter of fact, when it is announced before Sony.

When will the free PS Plus games for September be announced and available for download?

games PSN Plus It will be officially announced next September Wednesday 1 September. In this case, due to the coincidence of dates, it was not revealed on the last Wednesday of August, but on the first of September.

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free games from It will be PlayStation Plus Available next time Tuesday 7 September (first Tuesday of the month) and from 07.01 a.m. (Brasilia Time).

These dates are the usual dates for game announcements. PS More Nothing is expected to change in September. However, these dates are always subject to possible last minute changes as a possible Sony event.

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