May 26, 2024

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PT asks Justice to drop a video about Requião on Canal de Brasília

PT asks Justice to drop a video about Requião on Canal de Brasília

At the request of PT-PR (Partido dos Trabalhadores, Paraná Department), the electoral judge in that state ordered the removal of the video “Assembleia de thieves in Curitiba” from the Brasilia channel, since the material contained offenses “directed against Roberto Riccio” – a party candidate former state government workers; A negative early election campaign against Rikiao, as well as a suggestion of possible electoral fraud as an alternative to Labor’s return to power.

Regarding the mentioned facts, journalist Alfredo Besso – responsible for the content of the Brasilia YouTube channel – confirmed that “PT and Requião are subject to many questions regarding their behaviour”.

Regarding questions regarding the electronic election process, Alfredo emphasized that he had “always been a critic of electronic voting machines” and that he was not alone in his questions, recalling a recent post by Federal Representative Erica Kokai (PT-DF) who said: Bolsonaro’s election in 2018 was only possible because counterfeiting.

The journalist said, “You mean that Erica can arouse suspicion while the others can’t?”

It is necessary, more than ever, to support conservative channels and spaces, as a battleground against the silencing crusade that the left in Brazil is trying to implement, “as in all the countries in which it comes to power – Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, Hong Kong, North Korea, Bolivia, Honduras Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile and others”, concluded Alfredo Besso.

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