March 29, 2023

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Putin compares himself to Czar Peter the Great, the conqueror of the land who brought Russia closer to Europe |  Ukraine and Russia

Putin compares himself to Czar Peter the Great, the conqueror of the land who brought Russia closer to Europe | Ukraine and Russia

One of the idols of Vladimir Putin is Peter the Great, the first emperor Russia – Near the president’s office there is a statue of the Tsar, who lived between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

since the invasion Ukraine Analysts and experts raise the possibility that one of the Kremlin’s leader’s motives for military aggression against the neighboring country was the alleged need to fulfill what he might see as his mission, which would be to rebuild the Russian Empire.

On Thursday (9), Putin again contributed to confirming this analysis: on one occasion, he compared himself to Peter the Great.

Painting of Peter the Great by French painter Jean-Marc Natier – Photo: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons

On the Tsar’s 350th birthday, Putin visited an exhibition on Peter the Great in Moscow, and then met with young entrepreneurs. In that conversation, he talked about one of the Kaiser’s battles in the 18th century against Sweden.

As for the Russian president, in this past campaign, Pedro conquered lands that were, rightly, Russian. He was recovering and getting stronger. Well, apparently, it is also up to us to rise and strengthen, said Putin.

Putin listens to explanations at an exhibition on Peter the Great in Moscow on June 9, 2022 – Photo: Mikhail Metzl/Kremlin/Via Reuters

Putin continued to compare him today with the former Tsar of his time. He said that Peter founded a new city, Saint Petersburg, on the land he conquered, and at that time no European country recognized the land as Russian.

As the New York Times points out, the comparison with the war in Ukraine I have some problems. Although Peter the Great conquered the land, he was also responsible for bringing Russia From Europe culturally – Saint Petersburg was built as a European city, bringing European technological innovations and culture to his country.

Putin, at this meeting on Thursday, said that he had no plans to close the country economically, and that if the United States and European countries did not want to deal with RussiaThere are still Asians, Latin Americans, and Africans, he said.

“We won’t have a closed economy, we don’t and we won’t,” he said. “We did not have a closed economy – or rather, we had it in Soviet times when we closed, created the so-called Iron Curtain, and created it with our own hands. We will not make the same mistake again – the economy will be open. ”

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