June 7, 2023

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Queen Elizabeth II rejects British magazine's 'Lady of the Year' award  Globalism

Queen Elizabeth II rejects British magazine’s ‘Lady of the Year’ award Globalism

the Queen Queen Elizabeth II, 95, declined nomination for the Oldie of the Year award presented by a British magazine for seniors.

“You are as old as you feel,” said the Queen, who said she “did not fit” the award criteria.

The publication released the letter, which was signed in August, this Tuesday (19), the same day it announced the winners of the 2021 edition, and thanked the Queen for the friendly response.

In a letter signed by Tom Laing Baker, Elizabeth II’s personal secretary, the king expressed his gratitude that the magazine had thought of her, but stressed that “there are others who deserve more.”

A signed letter from Queen Elizabeth II’s secretary to Oldie Magazine – Image: Reproduction/Oldie

The recognition from “Oldie” magazine, which turned 29 in 2021, has already been given to scientists, athletes, celebrities and even Prince Philip, the Queen’s ex-husband.

This year, the Queen’s son-in-law, Camilla Parker, has been invited to present the award – but according to the publication, she is still far from old enough to receive it.

According to the “Oldie” editors, the idea of ​​honoring the British Queen will be in recognition of her leading role during the pandemic and in preparation for her jubilee next year.

Queen Elizabeth II already has the longest reign in history United kingdom It plans to 2022 to celebrate its platinum jubilee – which means seven decades in power.

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