July 25, 2024

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Ragnarok will arrive in November, according to Bloomberg

Ragnarok will arrive in November, according to Bloomberg

Last week, the Spanish site game reactor mentioned that God of War: Ragnarok It was to be postponed until 2023. However, journalist Jason Schreyer, from BloombergI tried to refute this news on Friday (10). According to his informants, the address is planned for November of this year.

Schreyer cites three sources who requested anonymity with knowledge of the game’s development to back up his report. According to him, Sony plans to reveal the release date of the game in June.

Also, according to the journalist, the game has already gone through some delays, “both publicly and internally,” due to the COVID-19 pandemic and “production challenges.” Even, the game was planned for September, but ended up being pushed back to November.

Schreyer attempted to speak with a Sony representative about the issue, but received no response. Finally, the reporter notes that there is still room for a new delay, although the Japanese company’s intention at this time is to bring God of War: Ragnarök in the penultimate month of 2022.

attention! It should always be noted that since this information did not come directly from Sony, it is a good idea to treat this article as a file. Common. Despite this, Jason Schreyer usually corrects his predictions, As it happened with Spartacus.The new PS Plus.

Santa Monica Repeats God of War: Ragnarok Arrival in 2022

In some chancesSony and Santa Monica needed to say that God of War: Ragnarök would arrive in 2022. The last time this happened was in April, when Bruno Velazquez, director of animation at the California studio, used social media to replicate the information. Remember here!

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