June 23, 2024

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Rail strikes likely to shut down UK transport network |  The world

Rail strikes likely to shut down UK transport network | The world

Oh UK The train is expected to face a strike on Tuesday (21), which could be the biggest in 30 years.

Trade unions warn that tens of thousands of workers are starting to face pay issues that could lead to collusion with other sectors.

British households are already facing the biggest economic crisis in decades, with rising food and fuel prices raising inflation to 10%, while average base wages are no longer what they were in 2006.

More than 50,000 train workers will go on strike on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a pay cut and job cuts – unions say, beginning a possible “summer of discontent” with teachers, doctors and even lawyers engaging in a better course of action.

“The RMT (union) has no choice but to protect our members professionally in the face of an aggressive agenda such as cuts in jobs, conditions, wages and pensions, and we must stop this race,” said General Secretary Mick Lynch. Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT).

He said last-minute talks had failed, meaning strikes would continue this week and many more were planned.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the unions were hurting people who said they were helping.

“By moving these strikes forward, they are alienating travelers who support the jobs of railroad workers while at the same time affecting businesses and communities across the country,” Johnson said in a statement.

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