May 25, 2024

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Enzo Vidmontiene presents a program on product testing in the United States

Enzo Vidmontiene presents a program on product testing in the United States

The United States traditionally celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, and Enzo Widmontin’s father presents his son at a karting challenge last Sunday (19) in Homestead, Florida.

He led the training in the IAME KA100 Junior Pilot Division, taking the pole position 1s2 faster than second place after a lap and winning the weekend race.

“The Karting Challenge is a local championship and it’s great to participate, so keep up your performance without getting caught up. Last weekend, I was fast in training, taking the pole and winning the race. Surprisingly, winning the race is very challenging. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the speed or the setup was bad, but because my cart filter box was loose, I had to run the race with my left hand on the filter and my right hand on the steering wheel. “

“I was still able to win, but the technical commissioners disqualified me because of the filter box. Honestly, it’s good. The main thing is, I played well and had a lot of fun with my dad who was always by my side in every race,” he concluded.

The next challenge for the young driver is already set the date and location. The Orlando Cup kicks off the third phase of its calendar next Sunday (26) at the Orlando Kart Center in Florida, USA.

“I’m very excited for next Sunday. Besides having fun last weekend, as I mentioned, I’m accelerating and training, so I’m getting ready for the Orlando Cup and getting ready to play, I’m going to show off the speed and the karting challenge,” the 12-year-old boy concluded.

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