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Rare Model R Trident electric vehicle up for auction in US |  Cars

Rare Model R Trident electric vehicle up for auction in US | Cars


Model R Trident began production in the late 1950s by American Taylor-Dunn.

American manufacturer Taylor-Ton Production Company
Anaheim (California) specializes in the manufacture of commercial vehicles and automobiles since 1949 and, in its vast experience, has developed some interesting models such as the rare electric car. Model r.

The three-wheeler in the convertible version belongs to the first generation from 1959 and will be offered at auction at the event. 2022 cloud of East Mole
, Which takes place from March 24 to 26. According to the event organizers, there is no estimate of the amount that can be paid for the rarity.

It is worth noting, however, that it is a collectible and highly desirable vehicle, despite undergoing a complete overhaul. The remaining 51 models in the world.

Oh Model R Trident
It is an electric tricycle of the type currently known as NEVs (nearby electric vehicles). )
Only the small NEMA electric DC motor is fitted 1 hp
It is also capable of speeds of 30.5 to 41.8 km / h.

According to the manufacturer, the vehicle is powered by seven heavy batteries and has one The range is 80.5 km
With full charge. Oh Trident
It has a fiberglass body and also has turn signals, lights, horn and turn signals.

The item, which previously went on sale with Barrett-Jackson in 2021, sold for $ 18,900 (approximately $ 93,000 in one simple change). Fully restored in 2020
But retains its original black California license plate.

The exterior is mint green with contrasting silver finishes, while the interior, it is Can accommodate up to two people
With comparative convenience, it is blue-green in color. Upholstery is new.

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The trident may not be present Electric vehicle
The market is fast, very reliable or stable, but it is part of the history of electric vehicles in the world, in this way, can be considered a bargain for electric vehicle collectors.