June 7, 2023

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Ravenholm: Watch an hour of gameplay from the canceled Half-Life at Arkane Studios

Ravenholm: Watch an hour of gameplay from the canceled Half-Life at Arkane Studios

The documentary reveals never-before-seen footage about the spin-off based on the Valve universe

Before the release of the Dishonored series, Arkane Studios came to work with her valve In developing a game in a world half life Known as Ravenholm. Challenging players to take on a series of zombies, the title was canceled when it was still in the prototype stage and has since been mentioned only briefly in a documentary released by NoClip.

Two years after the documentary film about Arkan’s story was shown on YouTube, NoClip brought a surprise to fans of the FPS series on Wednesday (4). With more than an hour, the channel’s new video revealsDetails about the game Ravenholmincluding various scenarios and gameplay elements prepared for the game.

While many of the items introduced from Half-Life 2 have been repurposed (we’re talking about a prototype after all), The recordings give an idea of ​​the unique character of the project. In addition to the large number of enemies, the title developed by Arkane Studios will bring more focus to puzzles, many of which involve the use of electricity.

Ravenholm is not Half-Life 2: Episode 3

The game snippets are peppered with some comments from Danny O’Dwyer, who is responsible for creating NoClip, which contextualizes the game’s production process. He explains that although it was developed after the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, The canceled game cannot be considered a direct sequel to it.

At the time, Valve was working on several possibilities for the series, including secondary seasons with other heroes. This will be the case for Ravenholm, who Gordon Freeman will not be the main characterBut he will again present some of the scenarios he experienced during his adventure.

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Redfall is an Xbox exclusive vampire hunter game developed by Arkane
The game will offer co-op support for up to four players and will arrive in 2022

In addition to Arkane Studios, Steam owner was also working with Warren Spector’s Junction Point studio, In another episode of the series she also ended up being sidelined. This turns out to be common behavior for Valve to this day, as evidenced by recent data that Files detected Portal and sequel to Half-Life Alyx that has been canceled from the studio.


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