June 23, 2024

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Rezende celebrates his hit with Bahia and explains his playing style

Rezende celebrates his hit with Bahia and explains his playing style

Source: Disclosure / Goiás EC

After going through Goiás in the latter’s Series B, defensive midfielder Rezende was pleased with the tricolor and received an offer of a two-year contract. Prior to the show was the third reinforcement announced by the squadron for 2022.

In his first interview as a Bahia athlete, Rezende stated that he was happy from the first moment he learned of the interest in the tricolor in his appointment.

“When we found out about Bahia’s connection, we were very happy. It’s a giant club, huge crowd. This challenge is very good. When I found out that Bahia was interested, I told the businessman that this is what I want.”

After a career marked by performances at fourth tier clubs, the player took a step forward in his career by playing for Goiás in 2021.

“I started at Madurera base, got professional. Then I went to Portuguesa-RJ and Resende, on loan. Then I went to thirteen. Then Azuriz-PR and I got to Goiás.”

“It was a very good pass for me, a very good experience also. I had never played in the second division before and Joyce gave me this opportunity to play. Thanks to God, I was able to contribute so much to get there. It was very important for my career and for my family.”

game style

In terms of how he prefers to play, Rezende defines himself as a defensive midfielder, but he is also a defensive midfielder.

“I played as the first defensive midfielder in Goiás, but I really like to get into the area, have possession of the ball. I am a very dynamic player, I love to score, to enter the penalty area. I am a guy with a lot of strength and physical vitality.”

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“In Goiás, we played a lot with three defensive midfielders and I was playing on the left. Actually, in Goiás I couldn’t play centrally with the first defensive midfielder, but when we played with two defensive midfielders, I was more (backward)” .