June 16, 2024

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Rodrigo Caetano reveals behind the scenes the termination of the contract with Diego Costa and the search for reinforcements in the market

Rodrigo Caetano reveals behind the scenes the termination of the contract with Diego Costa and the search for reinforcements in the market

Atletico MG

The club’s board of directors passed the information through a live broadcast where the club’s new coach was introduced

Photo: Pedro Martins/AGIF
© Photo: Pedro Martins/AGIFPhoto: Pedro Martins/AGIF

the Atletico MG On Thursday (13th), a live broadcast was held to interact with fans and present the new Technical. After the show, the club’s football director Rodrigo Caetano Talk to the press and talk about Negotiation Which included the departure of players from the team since the end of last season.

Everyone knows how many (sales) to hit in 2021 and we haven’t. For many reasons, including the impact of the epidemic. Another point is that we succeeded in reversing the logic and generating unexpected revenue through our sports results. […] We firmly believe in the continuity of what has been accomplished so far, but it was necessary (sale of Alonso)“.

Junior Alonso The captain of the team in the achievements of last season said goodbye to the club a year and a half in the mining club. Rodrigo Caetano She spoke about the player’s departure, which was the third largest sale in history Gallo: “We are sorry for the loss. Not only was Junior a great advocate, but he was also a great figure who represented the cause of leadership. We received a good suggestion, and since everything in Galo is determined by colleagues, they decided that this was the best thing to do at the moment. We have goals that are not limited to the field and we must achieve them“.

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the executive He even talked about loaned players, among the most recent; NathanAnd hyoran e Alain Frank. With the change in the loan policy, whereby the receiving club is fully responsible for the player’s salaries, the board believes that he will receive an economic subsidy and will be able to go in search of reinforcements: “This change in some parts is not technical. We do not compare those who leave with those who arrive. It is a need for the club to make financial adjustments. The case of Alain Franco, who went to MLS with the goal of getting a bigger score. Nathan, who was important and decisive, but his intention was to have more chances. We are in the process of terminating Hyoran’s loan, in the same form, to RB Bragantino“.

Diego Costa The team arrived in star status, but has already left. Rodrigo Talk about negotiations over the termination of the racket’s contract:At the end of the season he came to us expressing his desire to leave. The reasons given were adaptation and personal issues. It has been an important part of our achievement. He is a competitive athlete and has given himself to the fullest. When he came to Brazil, he was afraid to adapt. He always made it clear that if he didn’t feel comfortable, we could make some sort of arrangement to leave. We understand that it is a good idea to accept your request and are working on building a good agreement for all parties. It is very likely that he will not be with us this season. Regarding the fine, it was again agreed that there will be no fine for both sides“, Been completed.

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