June 16, 2024

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Rodrigo misses the name of the patron at the angel's lunch

Rodrigo misses the name of the patron at the angel’s lunch

Rodrigo, first angel Act “BBB 22″ (TV Globo), received a special lunch as a gift and, In the company of Laís, Natalia and ViniciusWatch a video of family members.

With beef stroganoff and fruit salad on the menu, the brother received special messages from his younger brother, friend, and cousin.

Contrary to what usually happens at an angel’s lunch, Rodrygo wasn’t happy and even got the name of the sponsor promoting the event wrong, which became a comment on social media.

On Twitter, the brand mocked the brother’s mistake: “When you come, take the boy to lunch and he calls you by the other’s name.”

Unlike Rodrigo, the brothers were excited to see the Paulista family video. “I miss you,” said Lin da Quibrada. Check out some of the reactions online right now:

‘My dad was very sexist’

In conversation with Thiago Abravanel, Rodrygo mentioned that he had a troubled relationship with his father. His brother recalls: “My dad was very sexist. I was ashamed to wear above-the-knee shorts, because they were ‘gay.’ Today I wear above-the-knee shorts because I like them, check my shorts, everything is short.”

Paulista lost his father in a car accident, a death that occurred at a time when the two were getting close. In a conversation with Slovenia and Vinny, the brother said: “I looked at God this way, and I said, ‘Man, now that I have a father? “.

“Like, the world turned for me. Ali, I got depressed. Ali, 2012 to 2013, had the worst years for me.” “But was he ill?” asked Islo about the reason for the rapprochement with his father.

“No, he was depressed, he was breaking up with his wife. I think he touched himself, I don’t know,” Rodrigo explained.

Drink a lot that night [do acidente]And he was depressed when he spoke to me. And the car crash. I’ll never know if it was on purpose, I’ll never know. But that’s how he died, man. And my life collapsed. Rodrigo Musa

On his show, the brother also mentioned that he had a turbulent relationship with his mother, who kicked her out of the house at the age of 12. “I was born in a brawl house and my parents divorced when I was eight,” he said.

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