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Rodrigo Mossi shows a scraped knee after falling on a bike

Rodrigo Mossi shows a scraped knee after falling on a bike

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07/02/2022 18:45update in 07/02/2022 18:49

Previous-BBB Rodrigo Mossi, 36, told his followers this afternoon that he scraped his knee Riding a bicycle for the first time after recovering from a car accident that he suffered at the end of March.

“A little bit impressed, but it’s okay,” the former BBB wrote in the photo posted to Stories from his social network.

Previously, Rodrigo has talked about feeling back to doing something as simple as riding a bike.

“After 3 months, I’m back on my bike, something simple. That’s blessed. I think everyone who wakes up every day is happy, I’m very happy,” Rodrigo said.

He described that the feeling was great and that he walked about 40 kilometres.

the incident

The accident involving the former participant of “BBB 22” occurred around 3:00 a.m. on March 31on the Marginal Pinheiros, near the Eusébio Matoso Bridge, in São Paulo.

Rodrygo was returning from the Cicero Pompeo de Toledo, better known as Morumbi, where he watched the first game of the Paulista Championship final. The application car in which the previous BBB crashed into the back of a truck and would have been thrown towards the front of the car.

The car driver, Kaique Faustino Reis, and the truck driver performed alcohol meter, but both were negative. The incident was registered as a guilty bodily injury and one of Rodrigo Mossi’s brothers filed a criminal complaint.

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