June 12, 2024

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Roger Guedes denies provoking Palmeiras fans, admits "little pressure" on Corinthians |  Corinthians

Roger Guedes denies provoking Palmeiras fans, admits “little pressure” on Corinthians | Corinthians

Striker Roger Guedes denied provoking Palmeiras fans after scoring a goal Corinthians In Thursday’s derby, he explained the start of confusion with goalkeeper Weverton.

In an interview on the field trip after 2-1 defeatIn this article, Roger Geddes explained in detail what happened and analyzed the match:

– Finally talk now. Waverton thought I laughed at the crowd, but the crowd saw that I didn’t do anything. I always thank God, I don’t, God does. They thought I was provoked, I didn’t. I have affection for Palmeiras, I was a hero here, where practically everything began, there is no such thing. We started a bit, we couldn’t apply what we did against Ponte Preta. Detail, classic (marked) Detail, we won last year on detail, and today they were happy. Now it’s time to raise your head for Paulista’s ultimate stretch – said the player, who hit ten goals in CorinthiansThree of them are in Derby.

Roger Guedes celebrates Corinthians’ goal against Palmeiras – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

The defeat was against Palmeiras III Corinthians In the classics this year. Before, Timao had already been beaten up by Santos and Sao Paulo.

For Roger Geddes, a poor record against opponents increases pressure on the team.

9 Corinthians also spoke of the charges received and also of Junior Moraes’ arrival at the club:

When I don’t score, I’m the worst on the field, and when I do, I’m the best. It’s normal for the public to demand, the press ends up talking a little bit about lying all the time, but that doesn’t bother me, it’s something I don’t see. Of course it will help, he’s more center forward than me. It’s a position I’d love to play, but I feel more comfortable on the wing and as a second striker for sure – analyzed.

Timão returns to the field on Sunday, 4pm, against Novorizontino, away from home. The team is already seeded in the Paulistão quarter-finals, with first place confirmed from Group A. Inter de Limera, Guarani and Agua Santa are still vying for second place.

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