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Rondon Hospital Requests Unimed Accreditation – Present

Rondon Hospital Requests Unimed Accreditation – Present

The situation may include emergencies and emergencies. On the other hand, the Medical Cooperative denied the rumors that a new hospital would not be built in Marechal Rondon.

The impasse in the private health sector is taking on a new chapter in Marshall Candido Rondon.

Rondon Hospital has informed Unimed Costa Oeste that the medical cooperative has been disqualified from the hospital institution, with the aim of treating urgent and emergency cases.

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In an interview with Jornal O Presente, President of Unimed Costa Oeste, Doctor Hiroshi Nishitani, said the hospital had given the cooperative a deadline to report on the accreditation application, which is about to expire.

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Admissions will continue and revocation of accreditation requested by Rondon Hospital will only be for urgent and emergency cases. Unimed officially responded by not agreeing to the request, as it is concerned with helping the beneficiaries, but in any case, we are evaluating another way to better ensure this assistance.”

To provide the service at this time, Unimed will install an outpatient clinic in the cooperative unit in Marechal Rondon, located on Rua Sete de Setembro. According to him, the patient will be evaluated and, if necessary, transferred to the hospital in Toledo. “We are evaluating how this service flow is happening,” he says.

Nishitani says he does not know the reason for the exclusion and assures that this is the intention of Semper Vida, not Unimed. “Rondon Hospital has informed Unimed of being excluded from HGU (Unimed General Hospital) in Toledo, and now it is time to report that it will no longer provide urgent and emergency care to our beneficiaries in Rondon,” he says.

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“a lie open”

On the other hand, the director of the medical cooperative clarified that there were rumors that UNIMED Costa Oeste would no longer build the hospital in Marechal Rondon. “It’s an outright lie. The thing is moving and it will leave. The bureaucratic procedures take a little longer, but the hospital is going to be built,” he asserts.

In a recent interview with O Presente, Rondonian businessman Daniel Felipe Brandales Niedermayer, partner and owner of Blume Administradora de Bens, the company that will carry out the work, announced that once the municipality’s new master plan has been approved by the City Council and approved by Mayor Marcio Rauber, works will begin in The health complex that will house the new hospital.

the other side

The report sought Rondon Hospital management’s request for comment on the Unimed West Coast disqualification notice. However, until this matter was closed, the press office was unable to provide a response.

Unimed Costa Oeste will convert part of the Marechal Rondon unit into an outpatient clinic to serve beneficiaries (Photo: Sandro Mesquita/OP)

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