June 19, 2024

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Gain up to 13 years of life with dietary changes

These fatty foods help in losing weight

If the topic is a weight loss diet, then the first thing to think about is getting rid of all sugars and fats, but contrary to popular belief, there are food groups that help the body get rid of excess fat.

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This is because they are foods made up of good fats, called monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, which consist of omega-3 and omega-6, essential fatty acids that can increase good cholesterol.

7 Fatty Foods That Help You Lose Weight You Didn’t Know


It is one of the fruits with the most calories, and therefore, it is often restricted in the menu for weight loss. However, avocados are rich in good fats and have an appetite suppressant effect. Therefore, it is a fruit that should be eaten in moderation.

organic meat

Many state that it is harmful to health because it is a carcinogen and fatty, while others advocate consumption. The truth is that red meat is rich in proteins and micronutrients that are able to give you more satiety, thus contributing to reducing overeating.


They say that to control weight, it is necessary to choose white cheese, the so-called light cheese, which has a lower fat content. But it is necessary to assess whether the consumption of these foods is not occurring in an excessive manner. On the other hand, classic cheeses provide good sources of calcium and proteins that make them appetite-suppressing foods, as well as helping to reduce fat storage.


For a long time he carried with him a villain’s reputation for increasing LHL (bad cholesterol) levels. But science has proven that they are rich in many vitamins and minerals as well as protein. Consuming eggs helps you lose weight, as it makes you feel fuller for longer. But the ideal option is to choose poultry-free eggs due to the best nutritional content.

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They are calorie, fat and very tasty foods. To give you an idea, 100 grams of almonds contains about 630 calories. However, studies have shown that people who consume 30 grams of seeds per day tend to be leaner and have a lower BMI than people who don’t. It is worth noting that they are foods that help speed up the metabolism and stimulate the expenditure of calories.

Dairy products

Research suggests that consumption of milk and dairy products may be linked to lower rates of obesity. Eating this type of food is good for health because it contains good levels of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones and dental health.


Some fish with a slightly higher fat content help in weight loss, as they promote satiety for a longer period.