February 25, 2024

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Russia intensifies attacks on Ukrainian territory

Russia intensifies attacks on Ukrainian territory

Two weeks after the withdrawal of troops from the suburbs of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, Russia resumed bombings in the region and intensified attacks on other parts of the country.

The mayor of the capital, Vitaly Klitschko, has advised refugees and refugees not to return to the city. International officials and humanitarian aid agencies have been recording a vigorous movement for a return since the beginning of the month.

Warning sirens sounded in various parts of Ukraine this Saturday (16). Explosions and attacks hit Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv.

:: Russia says Ukraine has bombed its territory, promising to step up attacks on Kiev ::

The Ukrainian report said one Russia aims to lay siege to the city of Kharkiv And has more than 20 tactical teams with thousands of soldiers in the region. According to further information, the Russian government is trying to control the Mariupol port area.

Banned by British authorities

As the attack intensified, more than a dozen members of the British government were barred from entering Russia by Vladimir Putin’s administration.

The list of officials banned by the Russian Foreign Ministry includes Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Secretary of State Liszt and Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace.

The Russian official said the decision was based on “unprecedented hostility from the UK government”. Russia must be isolated internationally And “strangle the domestic economy”.

:: China rejects sanctions against Russia, says action will not work: “We are against” ::

For Putin’s government, the British leadership is supplying dangerous weapons to Ukraine and directing efforts in that direction at NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

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The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the list of banned officials would be expanded to include “British politicians and parliamentarians who will continue to ignite anti-Russian fanaticism and collectively push the West to use threatening language against Moscow. The ruthless impetus of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.”

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