April 1, 2023

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Samsung hacked and has stolen Galaxy data |  cell phone

Samsung hacked and has stolen Galaxy data | cell phone

The Samsung He exposed a hacking attack on the company’s internal system. Suspicions of the invasion began at the beginning of March, and were confirmed on Monday (7), by an official memo published on the brand’s channels. According to the company, the attack should not affect the personal data of customers.

The South Korean giant’s data security breach occurs shortly after the company’s system is invaded. nvidiainformation, which malicious hackers also stole. Statement by Samsung She did not reveal the name of the group behind the operation. Despite this, rumors suggest that the officials may be from the group known as $ Lapsus – the same group that stole data from the video card manufacturer in February.

Hacker attack targeting source code for Galaxy devices – Photo: Romulo Diego Moreira

A point that supports the version that $Lapsus really did the attack is the file that was released by them in a channel on cable. In it, there are many screenshots, with a total of between 190 and 200 GB of information about the secret source code of Samsung.

The file released by the group contains data from the company’s security systems, and one of the elements that appear in the photos relates to biometric authentication algorithms on the brand’s phones. Other source code refer to settings boot loader It paves the way for controlling the operating system.

Even with the file leaked by the aforementioned messenger, the Samsung He did not confirm that the procedure came from the set, nor did he go into detail about what exactly was collected. The statement only revealed that “according to the initial analysis, the breach includes some source code related to the operation of the devices. galaxy“.

Galaxy S22 is the latest launch of the Galaxy cell phone line – Photo: Reproduction / Samsung

Although expressing concern about the leaked data, Samsung He said the procedure generates no impact on the business nor on customers. “According to our initial analysis, the breach includes some source code related to the operation of the devices galaxyBut it does not include the personal information of our customers or employees.”

The manufacturer confirmed in the publication that it is already working on measures to prevent further accidents of this kind.

with information from the edge And the Bloomberg

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