May 25, 2024

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Samsung is accused of degrading the performance of thousands of applications |  cell phone

Samsung is accused of degrading the performance of thousands of applications | cell phone

The Samsung They have been accused of deliberately slowing down the performance of thousands of apps on their mobile phones. About 10 thousand applications, among which spotifyAnd the tik tok And the Samsung PayAmong those affected will be the speed limits related to the Game Optimizing Service feature, which will be geared towards games. In a note to take youThe company dismissed the complaints by declaring that this technology does not affect other applications installed on the smartphone.

Users also accuse the company of cheating on benchmark tests, which are programs used to measure device performance. When these apps are running, the phone will allow the maximum performance of the processor, which makes the phone perform better in the tests. a Galaxy S22which the company recently released, will be one of the affected models.

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A list of nearly 10,000 applications that are subject to underperformance is circulating in Twitter And in the South Korean forums. She has the presence of social networks such as Instagram And the LinkedInin addition to productivity applications from Microsoft And the google – Like Teams, Word, PowerPoint and google keep, google documents and the like. No apps NetflixAnd the discord and special services Samsung – how safe folderAnd the Samsung Cloud and corridor – escape.

Samsung He is also accused of cheating in performance tests

Clean forum users in South Korea have noted that simply renaming the game package with the name of some of the standard apps would make the performance much better. A Korean YouTuber did the opposite: He made a Video in which it appears Galaxy S22 Ultra to a much lesser degree on 3DMark After changing the name of the application to “Jinshin effectIt is a famous game.

Youtuber accuses Galaxy S22 Ultra of cheating on performance tests – Image: cloning/internet

In this way, the smartphone opened the standard, the Sudanese government explained that 3DMark It was a game and intentionally limited CPU and GPU performance. Active Game Optimization System was responsible for reducing device performance by more than half.

The cause of the problem and what to do Samsung

The Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus also have GOS – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

As mentioned above, the reason for the performance throttling of many applications is GOS, which is the company’s game optimization service. The tool is hidden in the default view of applications in the settings and already installed on several models of the company, it cannot be disabled. Found Android Authority GOS on many devices, including Galaxy S20 FE And the Galaxy S21 Plus.

According to the information circulated in the blog peoplethe company will take the matter as seriously as the case Galaxy Note 7what or what It underwent a global recall after reports of exploding batteries.

Also according to the South Korean company in a note, the GOS, which comes installed on smartphones like the Galaxy S22, is programmed to prevent overheating when gaming for extended periods.

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“Our priority is to provide consumers with the best mobile experience. Game Optimizing Service (GOS) is designed to help gaming applications achieve optimal performance while effectively managing device temperature. GOS does not manage the performance of non-game applications. We value the feedback we receive about our products, After careful consideration, we are planning to release a software update soon so that users can control performance when running gaming applications.”

Other companies have already been accused of fraud and willful underperformance.

Apple and other brands already have similar accusations – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

This is not the first time that a mobile phone manufacturer has been involved in this kind of controversy. In 2021, a oneplus Admitted fraud in performance tests with oneplus 9 and 9 Pro and has been banned from jeepbench.

In 2017, an Apple Facing a lawsuit in the US to drop the performance of old iPhones It is meant to protect the cell phone from damage caused by battery corrosion.

It is worth noting that the file Samsung It recently renewed its high-end smartphone offering with the arrival of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus And the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In Brazil, models suggested prices of R$5,999, R$6,999, and R$9,499, respectively.