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Samsung officially announces the controversy over performance on its mobile phones

Samsung officially announces the controversy over performance on its mobile phones

Update (03/08/2022) – GS

In recent days, Samsung has been embroiled in a major scandal when it was discovered that the company Tampering with the performance of some Galaxy S line phones Through the Game Optimizing Service (GOS) tool, which resulted in the creation of Remove the results of the respective models from GeekbenchOne of the biggest websites when it comes to mobile phone performance tests.

Although the company announced that it will make a file The option where the user can choose how to prioritize the performance of their smartphoneThe South Korean giant released a new statement this week detailing what GOS is and how they intend to implement the new optimization policy.

According to the company, the GOS aims to control the phone’s temperature when it is running very heavy applications. For this reason, some applications perform lower when the service is running.

Speaking of benchmarking tools, the company explains that performance testing apps do not fall under the GOS coverage and that’s why their performance is not affected by the feature.

The company also revealed that the new optimization policy will open the limits of the GPU and CPU clock scale, as well as increase the temperature control of the phone resulting in an improvement of around 10 frames. In addition, to implement the new optimization, they will also make improvements to the temperature control algorithm of the devices to ensure the safety of users.

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Finally, the company also revealed that it will guarantee free repair protocols even with policy changes. If the device experiences overheating issues after an update, users will still be covered for warranty repair.

So, do you think Samsung will be able to make up for itself?

Update (03/04/22) – JB

after existence Accused of interrupting the performance of their smartphonesSamsung released a statement saying that it should fix the issue soon. According to the South Korean brand, the solution is to provide a file Option for the user to choose to prioritize performance from the device.

Samsung must Follow the same position as Apple And allow the user to enable or disable the Game Optimization Service app in the settings.

Samsung also commented that the GOS is designed to improve CPU and GPU performance during extended gaming time as the company fears overheating issues.

However, the new option will be to prioritize performance Available to all users within Game Launcher.

We would like to inform you that we are constantly working to expand user options and provide optimum performance by collecting customer feedback. GOS (Game Optimization Service) for Samsung Galaxy S22 series is preloaded with our app that optimizes CPU and GPU performance to avoid overheating during longer gameplay. To meet the needs of different customers, we plan to implement an update that provides a performance priority option in the Games app as soon as possible. We will continue to listen to consumers’ opinions and do our best to satisfy customers and protect the consumer.

Xiaomi Falls, Samsung

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Original text (03/03/22)

According to information released this week, Samsung may limit the performance of many applications On Galaxy smartphones As a way to save battery. The results were posted by the folks at AndroidAuthority.

Apparently, the main responsible for this limitation is the Game Optimization Service application. Although it was developed with the premise of improving the performance of smartphones in games, it “kills” the process of any other installed application.

Users of the Korean tech forum Meeco posted a list of apps affected by performance limits. The list includes 10,000 popular apps including Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, Microsoft Office, Google Keep, Spotify, Snapchat, YouTube Music and more. Samsung’s own apps like Samsung Pay, Secure Folder, Bixby, and others are also on the list.


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Curious, a Korean YouTuber decided to test these performance limitations. He took an application unaffected by the hack – 3DMark – and decided to change its package to the name Genshin Impact, since the latter is on the list of damage.

As a result, the original version received a score of 2618, while the modified version scored only 1141. Performance decline reached 56%.

At the moment, Samsung has not officially commented on the matter and we do not know about it Which smartphone optimization service is installed.

However, sources indicate that the company is conducting an internal investigation and should take a stand soon.

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