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Santos announces the signing of Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Fernandez

Santos announces the signing of Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Fernandez

a saints It was announced today (29) the signing of Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Fernandez for Guarani (PAR). On the 26th, he arrived on loan until the end of December, with the option to purchase economic rights.

Pixie considered negotiating permanent access to Fernandes, but due to the club’s financial problems, he made the loan possible. Alfinegro Praiano paid Guarani for his release.

“I am very happy to be here and I hope to be at the necessary level at such a big club in America. I know Santos is very giant. As we all know we have to fight for important things. Santos has his goals and we hope to make good South America and Copa Brazil and fight from for the Brazilian Championship,” Fernandez said.

Rodrigo Fernandez has been a regular fixture and captain for the Guarani quite often. Appointed by the Market Analysis Department and approved by coach Fabian Bustos, the Uruguayan is considered a “mixed midfielder”, capable of defending and providing support with high quality.

Fernandez could play as the first or second midfielder, but given the options in the current squad, he should be used more in the No.5 shirt role, in front of the defense, and with competition from Willian Maranhão for a place. Bustos sees Vinicius Zanucello, Sandri and Camacho as the “8 shirts”.

This Saturday night is to stay home and watch this clip of Rodrigo Fernandez’s best pitbull play!
a look! pic.twitter.com/24sCInhAZc

? ClubGuarani April 19, 2020

Rodrigo Fernandez was given the nickname “Pitbull” in Paraguay for his race on the field. After Uruguay’s Danubio revealed his new signing, Santos’ new signing arrived at Guarani in 2019 on loan. In 2020, the rights were purchased.

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“I am a player who likes to play at the maximum. I want to represent the fans when I play, without losing a ball. I leave everything on the field. pit bull It’s a nickname that’s been put on me little by little. It’s a compliment, it’s something that has distinguished me for a long time and what or what Such as. I want to send a hug to every Santos. Many messages have arrived and I am very happy that they are happy with my arrival. I will do my best to be at club level. I hope to see everyone in the next match,” the reinforcement said.

Fabian Bustos discovered the need for athletes with leadership looks and determination in the midfield. The Argentine coach feels that there is a lack of “footprint” in the sector, where competitors always outperform competitors, as well as the second ball. With Maranhão and Fernandez, the coach realized that Santos would be more competitive.

Bustos’ priority was Fernando Sobral, of Ceará. But Fouzao played hard, especially after the elimination in the Northeast Cup in favor of Valencia, the dismissal of Thiago Nunes and the strong pressure from the fans. In this way, Santos sought out Rodrigo Fernandez, who was Plan B.

Experience against the Brazilians

Fernandez was a key player in both matches against América-MG in the Pré- match.Editors this year. Guarani won 1-0 at the Arena Independencia, but lost 3-2 in Asuncion and ended up being eliminated on penalties.

He also faced “Pitbull” Palmeiras and Syndicate In the Libertadores 2020. In the group stage, they lost 3-1 in Sao Paulo and drew 0-0 in Paraguay. In the round of 16, Guarani fell to Grêmio with two defeats 2-0. However, in the same season, he was not on the field when Paraguay came out Corinthians In pre-editors.

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