September 29, 2023

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Corinthians have had all four reinforcements on the field in just 8% of the Brazil national team's minutes so far

Corinthians have had all four reinforcements on the field in just 8% of the Brazil national team’s minutes so far

Corinthians stayed for at least 45 days with the quartet of Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Willian in the club’s training and matches. A number of factors, however, cause The four Venégro reinforcements have only 196 minutes on the field so far.

Who practically controls these minutes is Willian, as he is his least represented so far. The company’s lead representative, Jersey 10 has been on the field for 260 regular minutes so far.

The problem is that in the match against América-MG, at the Neo Química Arena, Renato Augusto was in reserve and came only in the 19th minute of the second half, precisely in the vacant position of the star formed in Terrão. That is, these 64 minutes are subtracted from the total calculation and come to the current value of 196.

Since each game has 90 minutes, it’s safe to say that the boosts were only available to Sylvinho for a little over two full games. For comparison, there are 26 matches played so far (2340 minutes) in the Brazilian national team, with reinforcements in 8.3% of that time.

By the way, the account is not expected to grow in the coming days. Willian left the field with a strong contract in the win over Fluminense and will not be available to face Sao Paulo, on Monday, in Morumbi. Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Roger Geddes are likely owners.

Play time with reinforcements:

  • Four of the four recruited: 196 minutes (8.3% Brazilians).
  • Three of the four assigned: 508 minutes (21.7% of Brazilians)
  • Two of the four renters: 711 minutes (30.3% of Brazilians)
  • One of the four tenants: 1080 minutes (46.1% of Brazilians
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