June 23, 2024

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Santos fan page protests interest in Clayson;  The president denies the conversation |  saints

Santos fan page protests interest in Clayson; The president denies the conversation | saints

The “Movimento Bancada das Sereias” page, on Instagram, has opposed the interest of Santos In front is Claison, from Bahia. In a comment on the profile post, President Andres Rueda called it “fake”.

Fans protested at the prospect of signing Clayson because the player was one accused of assaulting a woman. In a note, he said last Friday, The investigations refused to participate in the case.

“This is a kind of speculation that not only angers, satisfies and hurts, but also disrespects each of us as fans, mothers, daughters, wives, and women,” the Instagram page wrote.

Fans protest Clayson in Santos – Photo: clone

In response, the head of the SantosAndres Rueda, described the search for Claeson as “fake”. Rueda also wrote a text, which was later deleted, telling fans to only believe in “official information from the club’s board of directors”.

the GiveHowever, it maintains its account. the Santos He sought out striker Claeson, who is currently in Bahia, to try to sign him for next season. The 2022 plan for Pecs is played by Edo Dracena, the club’s chief executive of football.

In search of the attackers, he Santos Welcomes the appointment of Clayson. The player is pleased to coach Fabio Carrell, who worked with him at Corinthians in 2017 and 2018. By adding the two seasons, the striker played 77 matches and scored seven goals.

Clayson training in Cuiaba – Photo: AssCom Dourado

In 2021, Clayson took the field 39 times and scored three goals for Cuiaba. The club even considered terminating the contract after accusing him of aggression and even revealed this, but he backed down and did not keep the player. The contract with Bahia runs until the end of 2022. Therefore, Oh SaintYou are He seeks an agreement so that he can be hired immediately.

Negotiation Santos Reinforcements are led by Edo Dracaena, the club’s executive director of football. The director knows Peixe’s budget and has permission from the management committee for talks. University members only “enter” the business to approve or decline, at the end.

– Image: Disclosure