June 23, 2024

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Sao Paulo confirms the third case of a micron variant in Brazil

Sao Paulo confirms the third case of a micron variant in Brazil

To the foreign minister in Sao Paulo Confirmed, this Wednesday (01), the third case of the variant Omicron Corona virus in Brazil.

According to the authorities, a passenger from Ethiopia, who landed at Guarulhos airport last Saturday, has tested positive for the virus COVID-19.

The genetic sequence of the sample was determined by the Adolfo Lutz Institute of the Government of São Paulo.

The 29-year-old was tested at the airport upon disembarkation in the country and did not show any symptoms. He has been vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer’s immunity and is doing fine. “He has been in isolation at home since last Saturday and is being monitored by the Guarulhos municipality where he resides,” the secretariat said in a statement.

Confirmation of Ômicron status in Guarulhos adds to Two confirmed cases, this Tuesday (30)., in Sao Paulo.

The first two imported cases of the variant in Brazil were confirmed by genetic sequencing technology by the laboratory of the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo.

The two cases involved a 41-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman from South Africa, both of whom tested positive on molecular diagnostic tests (RT-PCR).

Both received, while in South Africa, the single-dose Janssen vaccine. They do not show symptoms of the disease, and they remain isolated at home.

The city of São Paulo monitors the people you have come into contact with. Authorities say the couple’s relatives have been tested, and all have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

According to the São Paulo Municipal Health Department (SMS), the couple lives in South Africa and is visiting Brazil. Both arrived in Brazil on the 23rd, via Guarulhos International Airport, and tested positive for Covid-19.

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Test materials were collected in the laboratory of Albert Einstein Hospital located at Guarulhos International Airport. The initial examination took place on November 25, when they both developed mild symptoms.

According to the São Paulo State Department of Health, the quality of the tests has been assessed and approved by the Adolfo Lutz Institute, a regional reference on Covid-19.

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