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Sao Paulo plays poorly and does not come out of zero with America-MG in Morumbi

Sao Paulo plays poorly and does not come out of zero with America-MG in Morumbi

NS Sao Paulo Drawn with America-MG 0-0, Wednesday evening (22), in Morumbi, in a late duel of round 19 of the Brazilian Championship. As a result, Tricolor finished 12th with 26 points, while Coelho rose to 16th place with 23 points.

Now, Sao Paulo will face Atletico MG, on Saturday (25), at 21:00, in Morumbi, while America-MG will face Flamengo, on Sunday (26), at 11:00, in Independencia.

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Volpi saves Sao Paulo at the start of the match
The match started when São Paulo was looking to hold the ball, but lost several passes. The first opportunity was America-MG, in three minutes. With a raised ball in the Sao Paulo area, the defense managed to slip away. In the rest, at the entrance to the area, Marlon came and hit, and Volpi made a save.

Soon after, at five, Juninho picked it up mid-attack, risking the kick, but firing it. The ball went out of Volpi’s goal. And it doesn’t stop there. With eight minutes, Felipe Azevedo took the hit on the left and hit it hard on the right flank. Volpi felt calm. A minute later, Ribamar greeted her in the penalty area for another great save by the Sao Paulo goalkeeper.

São Paulo signs with Pablo, but the ghouls are void
As the match went on, the Sao Paulo team improved in the match, and started to get more attacks. He almost opened the scoring with 16 minutes. Gabriel Sarah received the ball on the edge of the area and gave Pablo a shot from behind. The striker scored the goal, but he was offside.

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It is followed by the tricolor on top. On the 23rd, Rigoni took a closed corner and the ball passed, which frightened the goal of Mateus Caveccioli.

Rigoni appears and creates chances for São Paulo
The tricolor continued better in the match, especially with the chances Rigoni created. The Argentine appeared twice. In the first, he received the ball at the entrance to the zone, on the right, pulled it to the middle and hit hard from the left. Cavicioli saves the kick away at 34.

A minute later, Rinaldo sent a cross from the left and appeared alone in the area, paving his head, but the ball went out, which frightened the American goalkeeper.

Rigoni regrets a missed opportunity (Photo: Robbins Cherry/saopaulofc)

The final stage begins with an amazing opportunity lost by Sao Paulo
São Paulo returned without any changes for the second stage, but it started putting pressure on América-MG. Two minutes later, Rigoni crossed hard at the first post, the ball deflected and Igor Gomez’s header into the small area. However, the midfielder, nodded.

Soon, São Paulo exchanged lanes at the entrance to the district, and Igor Gomez managed to open with Galeano on the right. The side dominated and hit a cross, but Cavicioli qualified without problems.

AMERICA-MG improves and gets closer to labeling
Over time, América-MG achieved greater playing size and appeared more aggressively in attack. At the age of twelve, Felipe Azevedo put in a good one-on-one performance on the right, cutting through the goal mark and edging past the second post. Ribamar nodded, but Rodrigo Nestor set foot to save the tricolor.

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Rabbit arrived again in the 23rd minute. Zarate reversed with Patrick on the right, and the full-back lifted the ball at the second post. Volpi arrived slapping the ball out of the area.

Rodolfo loses an incredible goal in the end to America-MG
The match went on and São Paulo could not take any danger to the Minas Gerais team, which frightened Tricolor’s defense in every attack. At the age of 37, Zarate managed to climb in the middle of the area to hit the ball firmly into the goal, but Thiago Volpi saved it. On the rebound, Rodolfo lost in a small area, but was offside.

However, Rodolfo missed another good opportunity. With 39 minutes, Patrick received a long ball on the right. Cross back, Volpi hit the ball on the edge of the area. On the rebound, without a goalkeeper, Rodolfo came with a header and sent it off.

São Paulo 0 x 0 America-mg
Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo (SP)
date and time: September 22, 2021 at 8:30 p.m.
Rule: Pralio da Silva Machado (SC)
Auxiliaries: Clipper Lucio Gil (SC), Thiago Americano Lapis (SC) and Elbert Stefam da Silva (SP)
where: Pathrice Wallace Correa Maya (RJ)
yellow cards:
Arboleda, Miranda, Rinaldo (SAO), Zarate (AME)
red cards:

Sao Paulo
James Volpe Galliano, Arboleda, Miranda and Rinaldo (Wellington, at 37min/2ºT); Luan, Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomez (Calerie, at 37min/2ºT) and Gabriel Sarah (Lezero, at 13min/2ºT); Rigoni and Pablo (Marquinhos, at 13 ft / 2 T) idiomatic: Hernan Crespo

America- MG
Matthews Cavicioli Patrick, Eduardo Bormann, Ricardo Silva, Marlon (Krigor, at 42 ft/s); Juninho, Ali & Ademir (Yan Sassi, at 42’2ºT); Felipe Azevedo (Alain Rochelle, at 31min/2ºT), Zarate (Marcello Toscano, at 42ft/2ºT) and Ribamar (Rodolfo, at 16min/2ºT). idiomatic: Wagner Mancini.

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