May 20, 2024

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Sao Paulo provokes Danilo and talks to the waves with Palmeiras: “Tre Mondial is not for everyone”

Sao Paulo raised Danilo on social media afterwards Elimination of Palmeiras in the Round of 16 of the Brazilian Cup, on penalties, in the heart of Allianz Parque. Months ago, when winning Game Two of the Paulistão Final, beating Tricolor 4-0, the steering wheel recorded videos saying that Rogério Ceni’s players were “miserable”. This Thursday, it was the Morumbi Club’s turn to take care of the hype.

“The players are ranked! All the men are ranked!”, Sao Paulo wrote on their social networks in pictures of Danilo referring to Igor Gomez and Rodrigo Nestor.

In the second match of the Paulista Final, after the victory, Danilo also mentioned the homophobic term “Bambi” to refer to São Paulo. back, Steering Wheel issued a statement apologizing for the situation.

Sao Paulo also took advantage of this moment to brag about their three world titles by disqualifying a competitor who deals with competitors’ jokes because he has never won the title, even though they consider the 1951 Rio Cup as such.

On Thursday, the scenario of the Copa del Rey Round of 16 looked as if it would be the same as the Campeonato Paulista final. In 12 minutes of play, Palmeiras finished off the advantage that Sao Paulo had built in the first leg and far outperformed the opponent. However, Tricolor improved in the second half, although Verdau continued better, earned a penalty, converted it, and made the decision to mark the lime.

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In the penalty shootout, Rafael Vega, who had already missed a penalty in regulatory time, entertained their shots, both defending through Gandri. Luciano was responsible for the only errant shot at Weaverton on the lime mark.

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