June 20, 2024

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J remains under contract with the Corinthians approximately 40 days after formal termination

J remains under contract with the Corinthians approximately 40 days after formal termination

Joe is still registered as a Corinthians player in the Sao Paulo Football Confederation and in the Brazilian Football Confederation nearly 40 days after the official announcement of his departure from the club.

The contract of the 35-year-old racket is still valid in the systems of both entities. Player ending never appears in the daily newsletter (BID) Since the official note from Corinth on June 9 Exactly 36 days ago.

Portal Report My dream Recently he spoke to a Corinthian leader to understand why this is so. He explained that more time was needed for the club and the player to conclude a financial agreement.

As he was informed several times by the Board of Directors at a press conference, Joe forgoes the salaries that he must receive until the end of the contract (December 31, 2023), but is entitled to receive the amounts owed until his last day of employment.

As long as Corinthians and Joe (read Entrepreneur) do not reach consensus on the terms of the contractual termination, it cannot be transferred to the FPF and CBF in an official manner.

It should be noted that in addition to this suspended contract, Corinthians and Joe are still entangled in the operation that Nagoya Grampus opened at FIFA. The player and club were ordered to pay US$2.6 million (about 14 million Brazilian reais at the current price) to the Japanese.

So far, despite some opinion polls, the striker is still without a club. The transfer window opens on July 18.

Remember the official note from Corinth on June 9

Corinthians Paulista Athletic Club and Athletic Joe this Thursday (09) reached an agreement to terminate the contract.

The player has expressed a desire to terminate the bail in advance. Corinthians accepted the athlete’s decision and informed that the contract, valid until December 2023, had been terminated.

To Filho do Terrão, top scorer in the history of the Neo Química Arena, two-time Brazilian champion and Paulista champion, Corinthians thank you for all the moments and wish you all the best in the wake of the career of one of the greats in history from the club.

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