June 21, 2024

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Sao Paulo's 2022 budget anticipates two finalists;  See the values ​​in detail |  Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo’s 2022 budget anticipates two finalists; See the values ​​in detail | Sao Paulo

budget forecast from Sao Paulo For 2022, bold goals. With a debt approaching R$700m, the club expects that figure to drop by R$108m by the end of next season.

The expectation was greater than this year, when Tricolor predicted a reduction of R$91 million, but it shouldn’t come close to the stipulated value. The last balance sheet for September, It states that Sao Paulo has a deficit of R$71.3 million in 2021.

In the text prepared by the board of directors and which will be voted on by 17:00 this Tuesday by 260 members of the club’s board, it is also expected that 142 million Brazilian riyals will be collected in player sales. This is a little more cautious than the one that happened in 2021, when it was Sao Paulo Expect 176 million Rls in sales.

Besides deleveraging, this target should not be achieved this year. GE showed that the club has raised 101 million Rls so far And it could reach R$125.7 million when Helenho’s move to Red Bull Bragantino is confirmed.

Sao Paulo Council votes on the budget – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

In terms of investments in player acquisition and training of core athletes, 42 million Rls are expected to be spent, which is higher than 37 million Rls in the previous budget.

The governor of Paulistao rose after the team won this year’s championship by defeating Palmeiras in the decision. The initial goal was to reach the semi-finals.

Miranda lifts the Sao Paulo Champion’s Cup for Sao Paulo – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

The Copa do Brasil remained at this year’s level, and was achieved after the team reached the quarter-finals and was eliminated by Fortaleza.

The same goes for Campeonato Brasileiro, who remains with a goal of sixth place. The goal, however, went too far – Team Tricolor finished 13th in the tournament.

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