June 13, 2024

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Screening to check vitamin D levels in the body is mandatory in Amazonas

Manaus / AM – It is now mandatory to check your vitamin D levels in the body. This measure was authorized by Governor Wilson Lima, on January 12, and instructed physicians from the Public Health Network in routine tests to check doses of the pro-hormone in the human body. The specialist says that the substance is important to strengthen the immune system for diseases such as Covid-19.

“Vitamin D isn’t just a vitamin, it’s a hormone, so it is involved in many of the body’s functions. Jacqueline Galdino, MD, maid of the state Department of Health Hospital Amazonas Health (SES-AM), explained pediatrician Jacqueline Galdino.

COVID-19 – The doctor also warned of the importance of this substance in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It has been observed through studies conducted over these years of the epidemic, that people who have vitamin D, which is natural, have a more favorable development of Covid-19, one of the studies conducted by researchers at Northwestern University in the United States,” he reported. .

Warning – the benefits of Vitamin D are undeniable, however, it is not recommended to use it without a prescription or professional advice. An excess of the substance in the body can have harmful effects and even cause diseases, the doctor explains.

“An excess of vitamin D can lead to toxicity, which causes calcium to be reabsorbed in the bones and intestines, thus leading to hypercalcemia. This increase in calcium can lead to loss of kidney function, and can generate kidney stones, as well as Symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, dehydration and loss of appetite,” concludes Jacqueline Galdino.

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