June 16, 2024

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The study showed that the fourth dose tripled the protection against severe Covid-19 in the elderly

The study showed that the fourth dose tripled the protection against severe Covid-19 in the elderly

The fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine was given to people over 60 in Israel and made them three times more resistant to severe cases (Photo: Bima District)

the elderly Over 60 years in Israel who received the fourth dose of Serum From COVID-19 3 times more resistant serious cases of the disease compared to people of the same age who were only vaccinated Three doses.

The result was in a preliminary study issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health this Sunday (23). The analysis also indicated that the fourth dose doubled the protection against infections caused by it Corona Virus we the elderly.

The research, conducted by several Israeli institutions, including the Sheba Medical Center, compared two groups: the first of 400,000 people over 60 who were vaccinated with four doses and the second of 600,000 elderly people who were vaccinated with MRSA. third dose For at least four months.

The Israeli Ministry of Health confirmed that the analysis methodology was similar to previous peer-reviewed articles published in the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine. The data from the new survey will continue to be updated as new data becomes available.

According to the news agency ReutersAnother preliminary study from Sheba Medical Center indicated that the fourth dose increases the amount of Antibodies Regarding the third. However, the increase is still not sufficient to prevent infection with the variant of concern. Omicron It is considered highly contagious.

However, the fourth application “is excellent against variants alpha e delta,” according to Gilly Regev Yochai, lead author of the study, to the site Times of Israel. She argues that the latest booster dose is a good idea to protect those most at risk, but perhaps the vaccination campaign in Israel should be changed to include even the elderly.

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Since the beginning of this month, the Middle Eastern country has been vaccinating seniors over the age of 60 with the fourth dose of the vaccine. Pfizer/Biontech. With the explosion of Omicron cases in November 2021, international travel was quickly restricted and case tracking became more stringent.

Jonathan Stern, professor of medical statistics at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, notes that there is good evidence for a third dose of Serum, But this does not yet apply to the fourth. Fourth doses are done primarily as a precaution; Stern wrote in an article published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine January 11 last.