July 20, 2024

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See photos of a luxury apartment for Putin’s alleged ex-boyfriend

See photos of a luxury apartment for Putin’s alleged ex-boyfriend

Photos of a luxurious apartment of the alleged ex-lover of Vladimir Putin began to be published on social media. Although the Russian president has never been confirmed, there are rumors that 46-year-old Svetlana Krivonozhikh has had Daughter with Putin, Luisa Rozova, 35.

Pictures of the advertised property of about 42,000 Brazilian reals (9000 US dollars) per month shared by journalist Andrei Zakharov, from BBC RussiaWhich was one of the press outlets targeted by Putin.

“These are real interiors of a luxury apartment owned by Putin’s ex-girlfriend, Svetlana Krivonokhykh. It was supposed to be a gift from her friends a year after she gave birth to their illegitimate daughter. You can rent this apartment in St. Petersburg for about $ 9,000 a month, ”explained the journalist.

According to an article in El País, before contacting Putin, Krivonogikh worked as a cleaning lady in a neighborhood store and quickly became a millionaire.

Punishments for the family

After the massacre seen in the city clamornear the capital KyivAs the Ukrainian government estimated that 80% of the population perished, the countries decided to tighten sanctions against President Vladimir Putin. There, soldiers controlled the area for several days and bombed civilians. Bodies were left in the streets and mass graves were found.

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The major powers were already preparing to impose new sanctions on Russia, and the photos sped reactions.

The United States, the European Union and the Group of Seven, the group of the world’s richest countries, confirmed another round of economic and trade sanctions against Russia. In the crosshairs of the imposed sanctions are banks, state-owned companies, public and political bodies and their families.

On Wednesday (4/6), White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki provided details of what she called a “comprehensive package” of sanctions.

Among the political figures targeted by sanctions are the daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin and relatives of former Kremlin ministers and senior ministers. They were accused of hiding money abroad.