May 30, 2024

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Selton Melo celebrates his role in a new series

Selton Melo celebrates his role in a new series

Selton Millau, 48, celebrated the start of the new series at 6:00 p.m. “In the Times of the Emperor” kicked off today and really left the actor emotional. He said he had been waiting “for more than 20 years” for a character like Dom Pedro II.

In an Instagram post, the actor spoke about the passion of giving life to the last emperor of Brazil. Dom Pedro II. The last emperor of Brazil. I’ve waited over 20 years for something like this. Great, historically, spiritually and humanly. King and man. Their dreams, their fears, their pains, their conquests, “Anxiety, contradictions and desires.”

Next, Selton spoke about the importance of playing a character and telling the history of the country, as well as honoring an actor friend.

“Research in the past, to transform the present and illuminate the future. This work is dedicated to my greatest teacher: Paulo José. The actor who showed me the way to express the most, with the least impression of resources. He opened giant portals for me… My love for him is great. Paulo Dom Pedro II is always thinking about how to do it,” Selton said.

Some representatives made a point of commenting on Selton’s new work. Renato Joyce commented on the beginning of the telenovela. He wrote, “Nice chapter! Congratulations, brother!” Virginia Cavendish praised the actor’s script.

The character in 18:00 marks Selton Melo’s return to the series after 21 years of working on his last production: “A Força de Um Desejo”, from 1999.