May 19, 2024

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United States to crack down on illegal payments in cryptocurrencies, 'WSJ' - International Information

Senegal – The United States has announced new investments internationally

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Saturday (20) pledged new investments in Senegal, a country known for its stability in the last leg of his African tour.

The U.S. diplomat said this Saturday in the Senegalese capital, Tucker, that as the rivalry between the United States and China intensifies in African countries and the Asian giant grows, Africa could benefit from broader cooperation.

During his visit to Senegal, Blinken signed $ 1 billion worth of contracts with US companies, including technical contracts for public safety services and a road infrastructure upgrade project.

He also visited the Pastor’s Institute in Docker, where he promised to help African countries produce their own vaccines.

“It’s a simple fact. We can not achieve it without the leadership of African governments, institutions and citizens,” Blingen said.

“The United States is committed to strengthening our cooperation on the continent as we serve the interests of the people here (in Africa) and our own interests.”

Senegal is one of the most stable African countries with peaceful changes in power over the years.

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