December 2, 2023

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Sergio Maron and Mario Frias exchanged barbs on social media

Sergio Maron and Mario Frias exchanged barbs on social media

the actor Sergio Maron, 40 years old, former Malhação and current private secretary of culture to the government Jair BolsonaroAnd Picture of Mario Frias, 49, exchanged barbs on social networks on Wednesday (15).

The quarrel began when Frias posted on his Twitter account a thank you to Senator Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE) for withdrawing from the agenda Paulo Gustavo’s bill, which proposes the release of R$3.8 billion to mitigate the negative effects of economic and social issues due to the pandemic in the cultural sector. Frias said the project was “totally ridiculous.”

Sergio Maron, also a former Malhação, as well as Frias, republished Frias’ posts, criticizing the position of the Minister of Culture, saying it would leave “a lot of his former colleagues starving”, and provocatively.

“I understand your bitterness about not pursuing an artistic career, but I understand… if it weren’t for your blue eyes, I wouldn’t have had a chance on TV,” Maron said.

The actor also asked Frias about a project called “Casinha Games”, which was to receive 4.6 million Rls from the National Fund for Culture, and which would be a project with the participation of President Bolsonaro’s son 04, Jair Renan.

Frias responded, “I will stop creating a professional course to train low-income youth in the labor market (…) to give money to a famous ex-colleague. Keep waiting.”

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