May 25, 2024

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Sheila talks about the new season in America – Web Volley

The Unlimited number of athletes, The professional women’s volleyball league in the United States, whose second season begins next Wednesday (3/16) in Dallas. And the competition’s publicity began to increase. This Wednesday, an interview with Sheila for Brazil was released.

Not to mention the volleyball farewell, the two-time Olympic champion spoke about the preparation and expectations for the competition. Check out Sheila’s answers:

What is your favorite moment in your life?
Win both Olympic gold medals (Beijing-2008 and London-2012).

What brought you back to season two?
I had a fantastic and unique experience with Athletes Unlimited last year, and I love the challenges. So I think it would be a great idea to continue contributing to this ambitious project.

What did you learn in the first season?
This is actually a short season with different game styles, but it’s a lot of fun. The game involves strategies for making the right choices not only inside the court but also outside. Drafting is not easy, because the “dream team” on paper does not refer to a champion team on the court.

Have different patterns changed the way you prepare for the season?
Not much, but I know I have to fit in different styles and sometimes positions. It is a personal competition held in teams.

What players have you been in touch with since the early season?
Yes, I often talk to Pri (King), Jordan (Larson) and Cassidy (Listman).

What are you waiting for the season?
To win! I’m kidding. Sure, I always want to be on top of the stage, but I want to support Athletes Unlimited in this ambitious project.

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What are your goals?
I want to improve my position more than last year knowing that it will be difficult because I have not played in the last three games. I want to help the league grow further and gain more fans and views! I want to help make volleyball so great in the United States, not just the national or college team, but professional volleyball.