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Snapdragon 898 re-appears on Geekbench with up to 17% better performance than its predecessor

Snapdragon 898 re-appears on Geekbench with up to 17% better performance than its predecessor

Update (05/11/2021) – FM

as we approach End of yearNew information about the new Qualcomm platform, Snapdragon 898before its official presentation. The chipset is expected to be announced soon to replace Snapdragon 888, found in the most popular mobile phones, such as Xiaomi Mi 11 NS Samsung Galaxy S21.

This Friday (05), after that Tested on multiple platformsQualcomm Snapdragon 898 appeared on Geekbench. Although it does not confirm the data on Core chip structure, the passenger Ice world Detailed score on Geekbench 5, where Show an uninspiring performance.

according to leakerThe new analysis using the Snapdragon 898 by Geekbench 5 resulted in circa 1200 points in one center test (single-core) and 3900 points in the test using multiple cores (multi-core).

This means that the platform achieved, respectively, 14% and 17% gains in performance numbers compared to the benchmarks of its predecessor. Microsoft Surface Duo 2, with Snapdragon 888, is listed in the Geekbench 5 database with 1,051 points in single-core and 3,313 points in multi-core.

On the other hand, previous rumors claim that the Snapdragon 898’s Adreno 730 GPU won’t be as powerful as the Snapdragon 898’s GPU Apple A15 Bionic. Moreover , Samsung Exynos 2200 com GPU AMD It is one of the most promising solutions so far.

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November 05

Image of phone with Snapdragon 898 confirms CPU clock speeds

November 04

Update (9/13/2021) – EB

We saw last week Snapdragon 898 appears on Geekbench with lower scores than Snapdragon 888 Today the chip has appeared in another benchmark according to the FrontTron and Clién website that leaked on Twitter. This time the processor showed a lot more firepower, now check what you expect from the Snapdragon 898.

Starting with benchmark scores, we have 158.4 fps in Manhattan 3.1, which is higher than the number scored by the Snapdragon 888 which scored around 120 fps in the same test.

The score varies slightly on the Aztec Normal with a score of 112.7 fps and drops a lot on the Aztec High, where the Snapdragon 898 scored 43.1 fps.

It is also mentioned that the Snapdragon 898 should have a lower GPU than its competitors like Exynos 2200 from Samsung and Apple A15 Bionic, Despite this, it should still be more powerful than the ones used in the Snapdragon 888.

This difference in performance can be explained by the new 4 nm lithography that has to be used to fabricate the new chip, which is likely to debut in Xiaomi 12. Another cell phone that also has this chip is the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 3.

The best healer is coming Snapdragon 898, which should be included in many flagship phones that debuted as a successor to the Snapdragon 888, has just appeared in its first leak in the Geekbench database.

We know that despite being able to deliver power, its predecessor has heat issues, so Qualcomm will have to adopt frequency reduction.

The chips have to be manufactured in 4nm lithography, which guarantees you 20% more performance. Another interesting detail is the structure of the three Clusters of groups on the CPU, which contributes to a faster user experience.

Anyway, the semiconductor was spotted by leaker Abhishek Yadav, who shared the leak on Twitter. Apparently, the new processor has been implemented in a vivo brand cell phone.

The first device to be commercially launched with the successor to the Snapdragon 888, codenamed “Taro”, is expected to be the next. Xiaomi 12. In addition, the slide must also be included in a file Legion Phone Duel 3 NS Galaxy Tab S8.

Unfortunately, Geekbench did not give us much information about the SD 898, except that its performance in numbers was lower than its predecessor, which contradicts the information that it will be 20 times faster than its predecessor.

A score of 720 on single core and 1919 on multi core could have been achieved in a scenario where the device’s battery saving feature was enabled, severely restricting the CPU.

Another possibility is that the manufacturer is testing different methods of temperature control. Anyway, the 2.42GHz Cortex X2 cores were mentioned as well as the 2.17GHz Cortex-A710 and the 1.79GHz Cortex-A510. It should go up to 3.09 GHz, According to recent leaks.

In other words, the chipset was clearly not working “at full power”. Not to mention the presence of the Adreno 730 GPU, which is one of the most notable features due to its improved performance.