May 22, 2024

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Stunning video shows the moment a Russian missile hit a shopping center in Ukraine - News

Stunning video shows the moment a Russian missile hit a shopping center in Ukraine – News

A video released by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Tuesday (28) shows the exact moment a Russian missile hit the shopping mall. import In the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug, on Monday (27).

The attack sparked a fire that left at least 20 people dead and 59 injured at a busy time in the mall. According to the Defense Ministry, the country was hit by 2,811 Russian missiles on Tuesday.

The Russian army claims to have attacked a western armory in a construction machinery factory, as the fire spread to the mall, and the mall was empty. Kremenchug residents deny the release.

About ten minutes walk from the mall there is a construction machinery factory. AFP journalists visited the site on Tuesday and found that one of the buildings had been destroyed and the rest remained intact, with no trace of military materials.

There is no chance of survival

Four giant cranes were deployed to remove the debris. Fire trucks and rescue vehicles occupied the parking lot and the Ukrainian army. Operations were suspended for more than an hour after the sirens went off.

Antonina Chumilova watched everything from her salon, whose door was smashed upon impact. “Shortly before the Russian attack, I heard the sirens, and after ten minutes there were two explosions, one second apart,” he said. “In about 15 minutes, everything was burnt out,” he explained.

“There is no chance of escaping” from a fire like the one that took place, Ivan Milikhovets told AFP.

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“The hardest thing is seeing the bodies of adults and children,” the rescuer who was involved in the search said on Monday. “We are now working to find the missing persons, who are between 50 and 60 years old,” he said.