May 30, 2024

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'Sugar mama' gives an allowance of 113,000 reais to men under the age of 15

‘Sugar mama’ gives an allowance of 113,000 reais to men under the age of 15

A 44-year-old woman identified as Jolie went viral on TikTok by providing details of her relationship with a man 15 years younger than her. Dubbing herself “sugar mama” (women who pay for romantic and/or sexual relationships with guys, as opposed to “sugar daddy”), Jolie’s video has garnered 3.2 million views.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, she pays the boy £15,000 a month, equivalent to about 113,000 Brazilian reais.

In answering the main questions asked about her type of relationship, she was candid in saying what she buys the 29-year-old: “Whatever he wants.”

About getting something in return, she said the guy does whatever you ask.

If it wasn’t for not carrying out the task I assigned her, the value would have been higher: “I’ve gone down [a mesada]Because last month he forgot to clean the pool.

In the summary of her profile on the social network that has amassed 60,000 followers – her main account with another 700,000 followers has been deleted – Jolie wrote “Welcome to Cougar City” [puma]Cougar was a popular term in the 2000s that defined relatively older women interested in younger men. Madonna is defined this way and Jolie quotes her in one of her videos.

In response to why she’s dating younger guys, she said in the post’s caption that “Mama Madonna said he’s fine.”

She also explained that little ones usually follow her rhythm, and when questioned, she said she didn’t care if people mistook him for a kid.

Despite showing part of her routine with her partner, including cooking him while filming the videos, in her latest video, posted yesterday, Jolie warned against the connections of these relationships that take place over traditional social networks, due to the potential for fraud. In other posts, she has recommended dating apps and says respect should prevail.

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Being successful in her Twitter and Instagram profiles, amassing 461,000 followers in just one of them, Jolie still maintains an account on Onlyfans, feeding her subscribers with various content.