May 30, 2024

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Zé Neto was charged for debt and appealed to court;  The singer won't pay

Zé Neto was charged for debt and appealed to court; The singer won’t pay

Singer Ze Neto from the duo Certanega With Cristiano, he appealed to the courts of Sao Paulo when debts amounted to 15,000 Brazilian reais, 18,000 Brazilian reais and 25.5 thousand Brazilian reais in his name. The singer claimed that he did nothing that would justify the accusations.

a Judge’s decision Paulo Sergio Romero Vicente Rodriguez of the Fourth Civil Court of São José do Rio Preto (SP) absolves Zé Neto from paying debts. The judge said it was “unenforceable”.

According to the singer’s defense, the tickets issued will benefit the defendant, Melina Victoria Keeler Herrera, a Uberaba rancher.

In the process, she was called to provide documents that conflict with Zé Neto, but this did not happen.

The defendant was duly summoned, given a procedural opportunity to contradict, but remained silent, presuming her acceptance of the plaintiff’s request. In addition, it will be up to her to provide the facts that dismantle, modify, obstruct, or forfeit the copyright, but not to do so, the source of the request is strict.

The decision in Zé Neto’s favor also forces Melina to pay the costs of the operation and an honorary sum of R$800.00. The process began in April of last year.

NS UOL I called a Zé Neto consultant and is waiting for the position.

He is currently traveling to Mexico. The musician shared his fear of being in the country in the middle of a hurricane.

You wake up and see at the hotel door: Hurricane Alert. Look at the weather as it is here. it’s getting dark. netto costume