June 22, 2024

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SUS in Campinas has 2 PICU beds free of charge for SARS - Hora Campinas

SUS in Campinas has 2 PICU beds free of charge for SARS – Hora Campinas

Only two SUS beds, both in the municipal network, are available in Campinas for children with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAG) on Monday (25). Fill 20 vacancies from SUS State. There are also 13 beds in the private network. The occupancy rate of the pediatric intensive care unit this Monday was 85.7%. In all, of the 105 beds in the pediatric intensive care unit, 90 are occupied.

A handout issued by the city of Campinas on Monday indicates a waiting list at the dispensary. There are 59 children in a SARS dispensary family, and another 14 are waiting for vacancies and being assisted in emergency rooms.

On the other hand, the family’s occupation of adults maintains the downward curve in Campinas. On Monday, of the 74 SARS intensive care unit beds, only 37 were filled, resulting in a 50% rate.

Only six patients with Covid-19 were admitted to the intensive care unit and another 17 to the ward. In the municipal SUS, there are nine beds available; Five in the state SUS and 23 in the private network.

cases and deaths

The immune data for February was published in the system, increasing the total number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus since the beginning of the pandemic to 200,725. From Wednesday (20) to Monday (25) there were 1,711 new notices.

Also in the past five days, only one death from Covid-19 has been confirmed in Campinas. He was 75 years old, had comorbidities and died on April 18.

Campinas has applied 2,737,210 doses of vaccine against Covid. The total number of people immunized with the two doses is 999,242 and 655,644 residents have already taken the extra dose.

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