June 21, 2024

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Sidnei Piva, do Grupo Itapemirim

Sydney Biva of IDA is starting a business in the UK

Sidnei Piva, a businessman who has owned Itapemirim Group and ITA Transportes Aéreos, a bankruptcy protection company since 2016, opened a new $ 780 billion company worth 7 780 million in the UK on April 21 this year. At current prices almost R $ 6 billion. Information of Attention Congress.

Disclosure / ITA

Sidney Biva, from the placebo group

According to documents obtained by vehicle, SS Space Capital Group holds financial services, investment funds, open investment and real estate investment funds for the UK’s economic operations. The company is located in a ten-story building at 68 Lombard Street, which serves as a virtual office for various businesses and professionals.

As head of the company, Biva appears in documents filed with Company House, a management company sponsored by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in the UK.

The press office of Grubo Idapemirim confirmed this in a statement Attention Congress SS Space Capital’s opening ceremony, but Sydney said Biva’s new venture has nothing to do with the group’s companies.

Recently, however, the company joined the public transport service auction at Sao Jose dos Compos (SP) with a guarantee of funding from SS Space Capital, signing an entrepreneur agreement in support of the Idabemirim Group for 700 million. Regarding certification, the consultancy did not respond to the vehicle.

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