June 23, 2024

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Tadeu Schmidt first appeared in reality and glorified the audience in a cliché video.TV News

Tadeu Schmidt first appeared in reality and glorified the audience in a cliché video.TV News

Tadeu Schmidt appeared as a BBB22 presenter on the reality show’s first call, which was released on Saturday (1). The video follows a very sugar water streak, without showing any information about the new version. The advertisement only glorified the success of other seasons to attract Globo, as well as emphasizing that the audience was responsible for the program.

What Could Be Bigger Than Big? The Show That Shattered Global Voting Records. At 21 Copies, 336 Participants, 1,706 Days On Air. The Most Talked TV Show On The Planet. Who Runs The Game? In The World’s Largest Reality Show you are the boss [espectador]”, says the presenter of the call, interspersed with images of the last two versions of reality, which have reached high levels and great repercussions.

In a video previously released on the show’s social media, the new host introduced some more interesting spoilers than you see on the first official call. He explained, for example, that the leader would have more perks and that the house would have a mysterious button. Another new feature of gravity will be the presence of Dani Calabresa, who will replace Rafael Portugal on the CAT BBB Board of Directors.

“I really wanted to tell you some news. I tell you some things I found out, but they wouldn’t let me tell you anything. The team is next to a meeting, and I can’t say anything. But I can’t wait to share everything with you.” Between us 2022 is around the corner.”

As a replacement for Thiago Levert on Globo’s biggest reality show, Tado Schmidt recently showed he’s in the show’s spirit. he He even simulated a wall on his social networks, with the help of his family – it was his daughter, Valentina, who was “thrown out”..

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“You ran away from responsibility. When your opportunity to help appeared, you hid and this is unforgivable inside this house. The result is that everyone voted for you. The person who is leaving the house today to buy bread at the bakery is you, Valentina Schmidt,” the journalist said during the joke.

Check out BBB22’s first call: