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Tarcisio Mera's son reveals his father's wish and promise to Gloria Menezes

Tarcisio Mera’s son reveals his father’s wish and promise to Gloria Menezes

Tarcísio Filho reveals Tarcísio Meira’s wish and promise to his mother, Gloria Menezes

the actor Tarcisio Jr. (56) I recorded an interview with Lovely Which was broadcast on Sunday the fifteenth of this month, where he talked about the death of his father, Tarcisio Mir, who left a few days ago a victim of covid-19.

The artist was deeply touched by the weekly Globo, where she spoke about an old wish for a family member, and revealed that he will throw his ashes for Veteran farm, located in Porto Velez, in the interior of São Paulo.

“He always said, ‘Son, when I die, I want you to take my gray and throw it on the farm’.”, remember the famous. “So I’m going to do it. I’m going to do a block for him too, with my mom and my family,” Done.

Tarcisio Jr. She even said how she told her mother, Gloria Menezes (86), on the death of Tarcisio Mera. “I can’t tell you how strong I am. I knew it was going to be one of the most painful tasks of my life, I was worried about her reaction. She’s fragile, she’s going through the worst moment of her life. But she doesn’t.” She doesn’t refuse to live and cries when she needs to cry. She has no barriers with her feelings. After everything that happened, the whole family is trying to be with her “, announced.

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