June 23, 2024

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Teen dies of viral challenge after eating spicy tortilla

Teen dies of viral challenge after eating spicy tortilla

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Bucky promotes the One Chip Challenge

A young woman from Massachusetts in the US died after participating in the “One Chip Challenge” which went viral on social media. The goal is to eat the spiciest corn tortilla.

According to The Associated Press, Worcester’s Harris Volopa died from an overdose of capsaicin, the heat agent found in chili peppers.

Also, Volopa suffered from cardiomegaly, a congenital heart disease known as “Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Myocardial Bypass”.

An autopsy revealed that Harris Voloba had suffered cardiorespiratory arrest “in the context of recent ingestion of a food product with a high concentration of capsaicin.”

A chip challenge

The tortilla is marketed by the Baggy brand, a subsidiary of the Hershey Company. This chip contains extracts of Carolina Reaper and other very hot peppers. After the young man’s death, Bucky removed the product from store shelves. According to ABC News, the company released a statement mourning the tragedy and offering condolences to Woloba’s family and friends.

Syed Haider, MD, of MedStar Washington Hospital Center, said high doses of capsaicin can increase heart contractions, putting extra pressure on the heart’s arteries. According to The New York Post, he added that even people without heart problems can experience serious complications when they consume products with high concentrations of this substance.

The Massachusetts Poison Control Center warns of the dangers of consuming highly spicy foods, noting that they can cause allergic reactions, difficulty breathing and irregular heartbeats.

According to ABC News, the warning comes after an increase in medical emergencies among teens who participate in these types of challenges.

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This is not the first time that a teenager has suffered serious health consequences after participating in the One Chip Challenge. Other cases have been reported across the country.

In California, three high school students were hospitalized and in Minnesota, seven teenagers received medical treatment after participating in the 2022 challenge.

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