June 21, 2024

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Teen Influencer reveals that Caio Castro was invited to the event and the actor invited her

Teen Influencer reveals that Caio Castro was invited to the event and the actor invited her

Cayo Castro Divides opinions on social media. The actor used Instagram to comment on an invitation made to 16-year-old influencer Mariana Menezes, to the Porsche Cup in Brazil. Caillou had invited Mary on behalf of the event director’s daughter, but he didn’t like the teen’s attitude when he showed the messages he had sent.

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Mariana was touched by the celebrity’s invitation and revealed his message in her stories, making Cayo Castro very angry. The actor used social media to talk about what happened, and called Mariana away from the event.

“What’s going on, the Internet? I invited the girl from the Porsche Cup manager’s daughter because she’s a fan, she says she likes her. Then the girl posted the picture saying I was inviting her for a car ride. Guys, the girl is 14, I don’t know. But okay, I called.” B The director’s daughter said she didn’t like her attitude and asked me to cancel an invitation and I’m making these stories to cancel her invitation,” Caillou stated.

Mary also spoke up after the actor didn’t invite her. “was bad. I just saw the stories of Cayo Castro, he was upset, it wasn’t the intention to reveal them, just to share my happiness. Only now I am not invited. I wanted to apologize, I didn’t mean to. “Maybe I’ll drive with Cayo Castro in my next life,” he said.

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